May 2020 Drawing round-up

Here are the portraits I made in May this year. I finished my strip of tiny mobsters in the zigzag sketchbook. I did some more #portraitsfornhsheroes (where I offered free drawings for nhs members who needed cheering on during the covid 19 lockdown). I also did a bit of sketchbook experimentation with paint and tiny coloured drawings. You can tell I’m feeling better because there’s more of everything but I’ll have to dial it back a notch in June because I’ve picked up my crochet hook again too!

DeNiro and Walken were my first two last month but I’ve finished the sketchbook. I’m thinking of offering this original work for sale as part of artists support pledge so message me if you’re interested.

Someone on instagram challenged people to draw the Mona Lisa ‘in your style’, I thought it would be funny in ballpoint. And I couldn’t resist doing girl with a pearl earring too.

These are my next set of 4 NHS portraits:

Hahnemühle don’t actually sell these loose A5 grey and cappuccino paper pages unfortunately they were from some introductory packs they sent me ages ago and because I was running out they kindly sent me some more so I could continue these portraits on my favourite paper without butchering my sketchbook!

This one I did on white paper because I thought the amazing shade of her blue uniform would do really well but I couldn’t get it to work in colour pencils so I started again. I even tried gouache as an experiment in my sketchbook.

I had another go at gouache with this one and then went really small in the same sketchbook with colour pencils and fineliners.

I got really into these and did a whole page, including Will Young from the sky arts paint along thing:

This one has also been sent off to a new home. This is a friend of a friend who needed cheering up because she has cancer 😦

For all the details on materials etc you can check the individual instagram posts, I’m on here @suzywalkertoye (you can access it like a website without an account).


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